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Marketing plan for the sale of luxury real estate in Mallorca

How to create a marketing plan for the sale of luxury real estate in Mallorca?

Creating an effective marketing plan is essential for selling luxury real estate in Mallorca. Improvising is not an option. Only those who analyze reality, define strategic actions and apply them with method will succeed. But what must be this planning when we try to sell this type of property?

The essential elements of the marketing plan for the luxury sector

Each marketing plan must include the objectives, the strategy and the action plan to be followed, with a prior analysis focused on the market, the product, the competition, the customers and the business model.

Based on this study, we create a SWOT analysis: weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. Then we determine who we are addressing and what distinguishes us or what we offer. Only in this way do we obtain a valuable strategy that provides the framework for decision-making and action. Aspects such as the following depend on its design:

  • The brand.
  • The website.
  • SEO.
  • SEM.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Social media.
  • Pricing Policy.
  • Distribution Channels.
  • Communication.

Features of luxury marketing

Properties in a place like Mallorca also have very distinctive characteristics. Strategic marketing and branding decisions must be guided by five crucial factors:

Timeless experience. These properties defy the concept of time: they are always unique. They not only retain their value, but actually increase it. Each purchase offers excellent experiences and is also an opportunity for appreciation.

Delightful sensory experience. Luxury properties in Mallorca are characterized by being beautiful, elegant, exclusive and vibrant. They must satisfy the potential buyer in every way.

Selective nature. These products are only available to a privileged few, and not at all times. The buyer must not only acquire what he wants, but also have the feeling of being a member of a special community.

Emotional experience. Seduction is the most important tool to attract the buyer, not persuasion. Applied marketing must be emotional and affective, focusing on experience rather than argument.

Differentiated exclusivity. The marketed property is unique, incomparable, a dream. Very few can have access to it. Therefore, the satisfaction of purchase is exponential: real pleasure, admiration and status enhancement.

Why should we analyze the competition?

Before creating a marketing plan, competitors serve as a source of information and reference. It is important to know what properties are for sale in the neighborhood, at what prices, what is their nature and what makes them different from ours.

It is also important to know what the real estate agencies with which we compete are like. The analysis of their structures, their catalogs, their human resources, their accumulated experience and the marketing actions they use is extremely useful.

The importance of content marketing

All our communication must increase the emotional perception and appeal of our offer. Therefore, the development of good texts for all messages is a must. They will of course appear on the website and on the data sheets of the luxury properties. They will also appear in catalogs and printed materials that we will pass on to our clients.

When we run advertising campaigns in conventional media, the slogans and texts have to be very convincing. The same goes for our emails and even the WhatsApp messages we exchange with our customers.

This nuance of excellence must always be expressed. Even in personal conversations, we must take this distinguishing feature into account.

The influence of professional photography

Luxury has to do with the senses. Think about how distribution channels influence the perception of a luxury product - no one would buy an exclusive luxury diamond from a vending machine!

Likewise, poor or unprofessional photos, even if simply accurate, detract from the perceived value of luxury properties. Always package these real estate listings with attributes such as differentiation, excellence, luminosity and beauty. The visuals must be impressive; not just any photo will do.

Success and digital sales channels

Potential buyers of luxury real estate also search the Internet for references and information that match their interests. Therefore, our marketing plan must be focused on SEO and keywords to achieve excellent positioning in the market.

In addition, paid advertisements on Google and other search engines (SEM measures) help to take advantage of these digital sales channels. 


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